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This is a place where I'll post some political cartoons of mine. Most likely other works of mine. (We'll see)

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Like a rhythm you play or a drum that you feel my love for you
Well you know that it’s real
All that she’s sayin’ and all that she’ll do,
My love for her well you know that it’s true



Writer Teju Cole reworked literary classics like Metamorphosis, Invisible Man, and Mrs. Dalloway in seven short stories about drones on Twitter. In this interview with NPR, he explains how he uses Twitter to craft compact stories and arguments. I really can’t recommend his work enough. 

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  • me: *plays Flash by Queen*
  • fucked up roommate in kitchen: Master of the pickle and savior of the aardvark!
  • me: ....
  • roommate: wa-WaaAaa (unintelligible mumbling) shoots everyone of us, eats cake like one of us!!
There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.
Benjamin Franklin (Jan. 17, 1706-1790)

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Feminist snark, 1915 style

I support snarkiness from all periods of time

I second that.

Ramen, you bitch I though I was yours and yours alone!!!!!

Ramen, you bitch I though I was yours and yours alone!!!!!

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